Safe Riders Classes on Thursdays @ 2:30pm (for carseats)

MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: (Rhonda Bagwell)
(#409-384-6829 ext.241)


Program Provides Educational Classes and Child Safety Seat Assistance to Low-Income Families

WHO: (Jasper Newton County Public Health District)

WHAT: (Jasper Newton County Public Health District) is a participant in the Safe Riders Child Safety Seat Distribution and Education Program. Safe Riders coordinates a statewide child safety seat distribution and education program. The goal of the program is to increase use of child safety seats and consequently decrease the number of child injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes. This is accomplished by working with a variety of local community groups, who in turn offer community education classes in which a family can receive a new child safety seat and instruction on how to use the seat properly. Parents interested in participating in the program should call Safe Riders toll-free at 800-252-8255, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Qualifying parents will be referred to a program in their area of Texas to contact in order to get scheduled for the next available child safety seat class. Seats are not always available in every area of the state and programs do not always have a supply of seats.

WHEN: Weekly classes by appointment only Thursdays @ 2:30 pm.

WHERE: (JNCPHD Jasper Clinic, Jasper Texas)

WHY: In Texas, motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children ages 14 and under. In 2015, 176 children (14 and under) died due to motor vehicle crashes in Texas (CHS, 2015). According to Safe Kids Worldwide, in the United States each year approximately 1,800 children ages 14 and under are killed as occupants in motor vehicles and more than 280,000 are injured Half of the children that died were unrestrained (no safety belt or child restraint).

Safe Riders is a child passenger safety education and training program of the Texas Department of State Health Services funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.

(Jasper Newton County Public Health District
139 West Lamar Street
Jasper, TX. 75951)