Jasper Newton County Public Health District (JNCPHD) receives funding from the Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) Program through Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide immunizations to children. Through this program, JNCPHD has been able to offer vaccines to the general public.

Effective January 1, 2012, the State of Texas Legislature made changes to eligibility requirements for the TVFC program.

Children who have private insurance that covers vaccines will no longer be eligible to receive vaccines at JNCPHD. Instead, they will be referred to their private physician for immunization services.

In the past, children covered by insurance, but had high co-pays or high deductibles were considered “Underinsured” and were eligible to receive immunizations. Insured children with vaccine coverage who have high co-pays or deductibles are no longer considered underinsured. These children are now considered fully, privately insured and are no longer eligible for the TVFC vaccines. Children qualifying under the new definition of underinsured will continue to be eligible to receive vaccines at Jasper Newton County Public Health District or a TVFC enrolled provider.

Updated Policy:

Children, birth through 18 years of age, who meet at least one of the following criteria, are eligible to receive TVFC vaccine from Jasper Newton County Public Health District or a TVFC enrolled provider.

  •  Medicaid Eligible: A child who is eligible of the Texas Medicaid Program.
    (Those under managed care are to go to their assigned provider, not JNCPHD)
  • Uninsured: A child who has no health insurance coverage
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Underinsured:

– A child who has commercial (private) health insurance, but coverage does not include vaccines

– A child whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (TVFC –eligible for non-covered vaccines only)

– A child whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount.  Once the coverage amount is reached, the child is categorized as underinsured.

Children enrolled in CHIP may also be eligible to receive immunizations from an enrolled CHIP provider.

To avoid a delay in having children vaccinated, parents are encouraged to inquire (in advance) with the child’s primary physician about administering vaccines

JNCPHD is diligently searching for resources to purchase a private stock of vaccines to continue providing immunizations to the general public.


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